Jail Solidarity Event (NM)

Jail solidarityWHEN: December 8 at 5:30pm MST

WHERE: PHIL SPACE 1410 2nd Street (parking on Berry Street), Santa Fe, NM

WHAT: An evening of Music, Art, and Spoken Word

MUSIC: The Willies, Lisa Carman, Chris Courtney, Marjiel Danse

ART: Richard Sober, Amina Re, Elaine Talou

SPOKEN WORD: Richard Sober and Ariel Gore

REQUESTED DONATION: $5.00, which will include a raffle ticket. No one turned away.


“This is what the system does. It wears people down, it punishes them before being found guilty, it punishes the poor, it punishes people of color, it punishes those brave enough to speak out. And it is through this, person by person by person that they attempt to dismantle a movement.” Adesina, Chicago activist

Throughout time, whenever there has been a movement which tugs at the foundations of power, which threatens the status quo, which brings a vision for a better world, the state has used whatever means at its disposal to undermine and destroy that movement. This is the time we live in. As the Occupy Movement in all it’s manifestations, has spread across the country, bringing issues of class, race, gender, militarism and climate back to the streets, so have the attempts to erase it. We witness the coordinated evictions, the entrapments, the trumped up charges, the grand jury intimidations, the very large array of blatantly unconstitutional infringements on our constitutional rights…

We are joining in solidarity with those who have been jailed in this struggle, to raise funds for their bail, their legal defense, their commissary needs…. and to let them know that they have not been abandoned, and that we will not be intimidated.

Please park on Berry Street

Currently the NATO 5, the Cleveland 4, the Gulf Port 7, the Seattle Grand Jury Resisters, Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond and the Tar Sand Blockaders, are facing serious prison time for speaking out.

The Grand Jury Resisters in Seattle will be in federal prison for 18 month terms for contempt of court, because they refuse to answer questions about the political ideology of fellow activists. This was nothing less than a fishing expedition by a federal grand jury, harkening us back to an era of McCarthyism.

Three of the Cleveland 4 have been sentenced to years in prison after a 13 month infiltration by a police provocateur who, in the most blatant and unconscionable demonstration of entrapment yet, supplied impoverished, vulnerable and malleable young men with “explosives,” and a plan.

The anti-NATO summit in Chicago was infiltrated by undercover police posing as activists, which led to the raid of dozens of activist homes, and the trumped up conspiracy terrorism charges against the NATO 5, as well as multiple fabricated felony charges and grand jury indictments. Three of the NATO 5 are being held on 1.5 million dollar bonds, and will not receive a trial until September 2013.

The Gulf Port 7 await trial after they were infiltrated by an undercover cop who built and provided lockboxes to activists to lock themselves to each other during last year’s port shutdown. The lockboxes raised their charges from misdemeanors to felonies, applying a Texas law that hasn’t been used in over 30 years: “use of a criminal instrument.” This same law is now being used against Tar Sands Blockaders, some who have been released on misdemeanors, only to be charged later with a felony, and taken back to jail. Ecoterrorism charges are the next predictable state tactic, if the blockade continues.

Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond is being held in a federal prison in New York. He is accused of using his computer savvy to attack conservative groups and state operators. He is being charged with providing Wikileaks with the documents for its latest Stratfor release. He has been incarcerated for the better part of a year and is being denied bond.

First the Occupy encampments were violently raided and broken up in a nationally coordinated effort across the country. Now individuals are being targeted by state suppression tactics through infiltration, entrapment, grand jury indictments, raids, and trumped up charges all across the country, to incite fear, and intimidate other activists back into submission. The state is waging a media campaign to depict the movement as violent, even terrorist in nature. We have seen the erosion of civil liberties in a post 9/11 world, and now those voicing dissent are the targets of political repression, and potentially face years of incarceration.

The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. First they came for the poor and people of color, for the immigrant, and now they are again coming for the dissident. This could be any one of us. We must stand against political repression and support our political prisoners now!

The artists, Richard Sober, Amina Re and Elaine Talou will donate 50% of sale proceeds of their artwork to the Jail Solidarity Fund.

Adjusting to the Light, a book by Richard Sober, embodies his paintings, prose and poetry. – Richard will donate 10% of sale proceeds of his book to the Jail Solidarity Fund.

The requested donation of $5 will include a raffle ticket. The winner of the raffle will take home the book Beautiful Trouble by Andrew Boyd.

To donate now:




And to donate to the bail fund of Tar Sands activists Matt Almonte and Glen Collins who barricaded themselves in a mile long section of Keystone XL pipe and shut down construction and were forcibly removed by police:


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