Turn the Heat Up at Cook County Jail: Call-In Campaign

Turn up the heat
WHEN: November 29 – all day
WHERE: Anywhere with a phone!

Please join us for a call-in campaign to support the NATO 5 and all others locked away in Cook County Jail.

As the weather begins to get colder, most of us begin to wear more layers, turn the heat on in our homes, and break out our hats and gloves.

At Cook County Jail, these things are not an option.

The jail is cold year-round. However it has come to our attention that the condition that Brent Betterly has been living in just may violate his human rights. The window of his cell has holes in it, which lets in the freezing cold air. He can see his own breath and even has icicles forming in his cell. The inmates are allowed one blanket unless given extra by guards.

We are calling on everyone to give the Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart a phone call at (312) 603-6444. Please ask to speak with him and demand that Brent’s window be fixed, for the jail to be put at a livable temperature year-round, and that they receive more than a single, thin wool blanket.

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