Court Updates 1/2/13

Cook County Criminal Court House

This update has been compiled from a series of tweets by @allshiny. So apologies if it seems short/choppy.

First we had a status hearing for 3 of the NATO 5. They looked good, considering. Brian seems to have shaved his head. =) There was a lot of scheduling and deadlines set, etc. But I’ll just cover the most interesting parts.

NATO 5 defense got permission to file a motion against the IL terrorism law as being unconstitutional NOW, instead of waiting for when they file other pre-trial motions. If they win the argument that the law itself is unconstitutional, NATO 5 might never go to trial. It’s still going to be a lengthy process, but here’s hoping we get our NATO 5 boys out and strike down an unconstitutional law. Two birds and all that.

NATO 5 defense also gave the state a copy of the FBI FOIA as evidence that the Feds were spying on / entrapping Occupy all along. The defense team specifically used the FOIA to try to get the state to turn over evidence from the Feds. The state has not done so yet, but the defense can now show a) there is extensive evidence and b) it’s quite relevant.

After the NATO 5 hearing and some media interviews, we went to bond court for Alex C-G. There were about 10 supporters for the NATO 5 hearing. That number grew to over 20 by the time bond court started.

(NOTE: I have been told that Alex prefers non-gendered pronouns, hence the use of “they.”)

Before bond court started, a woman from the public defenders’ office went around asking who we were all there to support. When we told her we were there for Alex, she started laughing. Said she had done their intake and that they are amazing. She said: “If we could have gotten married back there, we would have.” As you can see, Alex makes quite an impression. =)

Then she asked how many of us were there for Alex. I said, “All of us.” (It was 14 supporters at that point.) She was very amused. She warned us that we could stand when Alex was called, but not to say or do anything else. I told her this wasn’t our first time. Not by far…lol. (If I ever get arrested, there’s even odds the charge will be contempt of court.)

Alex was number 54 on the docket but got bumped up to number 3 because they had a private lawyer. The official charge is aggravated battery. Bond was set at $10k. Thanks to YOUR contributions, Alex will be free tonight! We may still need to raise for legal fees, so stay tuned. But we did a really good job mobilizing in a short amount of time, so THANK YOU.

I want to take a moment to make a point. Alex has amazing support from activists, family, and the NLG. THIS NEEDS TO ALWAYS BE THE CASE. We need to make sure every arrestee has a couple dozen supporters in court. It did not go unnoticed.

Press release regarding Alex’s arrest available here:


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