Teach-in and Oral Arguments on the NATO 3 Constitutionality Challenge


The NATO 3 recently filed a motion to dismiss the terrorism charges in their case because the statute is unconstitutional, both in general and as used against them specifically. Now that the legal briefings are done, their defense attorneys will be arguing the motion to dismiss in open court. Pack the courtroom on Tuesday. March 19th to show your solidarity! Not sure what the hell all this legal jargon means? Join us on the Sunday before the hearing to learn all about it.

March 17, 2:30pm: NATO 3 Constitutionality Challenge  Teach-In
MAGI Cultural Center
2149 West 21st, Chicago
Learn why the NATO 3 defendants and their lawyers are arguing that the Illinois state terrorism statute is unconstitutional–and what you can do to support the defendants.

March 19, 12:30pm: Free The NATO 5 Rally
Cook County Criminal Courthouse, Rm 303
2600 South California Ave, Chicago
Join supporters prior to the hearing across the street from the courthouse. Wear yellow in solidarity and bring noisemakers, banners, and signs. Note: These items are prohibited from being brought into the courthouse.

March 19th, 2:00pm: Pack the Court Room for the Oral Arguments
Cook County Criminal Courthouse, Rm 303
2600 South California Ave, Chicago
Defense attorneys will be delivering oral arguments for a motion to drop all the terrorism charges.

This constitutionality challenge is an important step in the NATO 3’s legal defense, but all 5 defendants in the NATO 5 continue to need your support and solidarity as their cases progress. Donations to their support fund are urgently needed, as their legal costs are mounting and they are in continual need of commissary funds to purchase their basic necessities in jail. You can donate online at https://www.wepay.com/donations/nato-5-defense.

Help us spread the word about these events! Print our flyer (nato5_flyer) and share it with friends! You can also read the constitutionality challenge on our Court Documents page.