Pack the Courtroom Tomorrow for the NATO 3!

Tuesday May 28th, 2pm
Cook County Criminal Courthouse, Room 303
26th & California

Please come out to show solidarity with the NATO 3 defendants at their hearing at Cook County Courthouse at 26th & California this Tuesday! Defendants are nearing trial in September, so hearings are getting longer and are often packed with new info regarding the case. Defendants sometimes are allowed to sit at the back of the courtroom if the hearing is going to be more lengthy, so this is a good opportunity for them to be out of the hell of CCJ and see all their supporters in the courtroom. Physical presence in the courtroom means a lot to them after over a year in jail. Come out to this hearing and let them know we have their backs! Let’s keep them strong through our support and by making solidarity physical in the courtroom!

  • Wear yellow in solidarity
  • Demonstrations of solidarity are limited to wearing yellow by the judge (which he’s noticed and not limited), but no standing, signs, chants or other messaging
  • We reflect on the defendants as their supporters, so please consider courtroom behavior in this light
  • No cell phones and/or chargers are allowed in the courthouse; $3 lockers are available if you forget