NATO 3 Status Hearing on 6/25: Pack the Courtroom!

When: Tuesday, June 25, 2pm
Where: Cook County Criminal Court House, 2650 South California Avenue, Room 303

The NATO 3 (Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, and Brian Jacob Church) have a status and evidentiary hearing in front of Judge Thaddeus Wilson on June 25th. The three imprisoned activists have been held for more than a year at Cook County Jail in Chicago since the NATO Summit demonstrations of 2012.

Everyone who can be present in court is needed to show our friends that the people are with them as they quickly approach their day in court. As mentioned, the next date will involve an evidentiary hearing surrounding post-arrest statements challenged by attorneys Michael Deutsch and Sarah Gelsomino on behalf of political prisoner Brian Jacob Church. This will involve the cross-examination of police officers involved in the secret police spying program responsible for infiltrating and targeting political activists in Chicago before the 2012 NATO Summit. Stand with these Occupy political prisoners facing for the first time the agents of repression working against them.

The arrest and continued prosecution of the NATO 3 is a gross example of political repression, meant to be a message directed at anyone who protests the U.S. Government’s agenda of austerity and violence. We must stand together in the court room and let the state know that we will not follow their order to remain silent in the face of their political repression and global warfare.

Remember, the Cook County Criminal Court does not allow cell phones, other electronic devices, lighters, and a handful of other items into the building, so check We also ask that supporters wear yellow as the NATO 3 are forced to wear yellow jumpsuits during their confinement.

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