Send Books & Cards to Brian Church for his Birthday!

Brian’s birthday is coming up on September 23rd! Show him some love and solidarity by sending him some books and birthday cards. He loves Star Wars books, fantasy, video games/technology, and books about the Dark Ages. Also, his book wishlist is available here.

Earlier this month, his cell was raided by the guards and all his books were stolen, so sending him reading materials now will make his day and help him pass his second birthday behind bars a little more easily.

You can send him up to 3 books in a package (mailed “media mail” through the US Post Office) or you can order them from your favorite book retailer and have them shipped directly to him (again, using “media mail”). His address is:

Brian Church
PO Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

And don’t forget that you can order books for prisoners at a significant discount (40-50%) from radical publishers AK Press and PM Press. If you ship the books directly to the prisoners, these publishers will apply the discount to the amount they charge on your credit card when they process your order.

Not able to send books at this time? You can also donate to the NATO 3’s legal support fund, as they’re still gearing up for trial in January 2014 and the more donations we receive, the stronger defense they can prepare and the more we can meet their needs while they remain imprisoned. Donation information is available here.