Pack the Courtroom! Next NATO 3 Hearing Monday, 12/23, 11am

The NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Brian Jacob Church, Jared Chase—were in court again yesterday for a continuation of their final pre-trial conference. The next part of this hearing will be on Monday, 12/23 at 11am in Courtroom 303 at the courthouse at 26th and California in Chicago. The jury instructions that the judge will read to the jury before they issue their verdict will be discussed, as will a couple defense motions that have not been fully addressed yet. Jury selection for their trial is still scheduled to begin on January 6, 2014, with opening statements anticipated on January 13.

Help us pack the courtroom to show the defendants that we’ve got their backs as trial approaches!

Not able to make it to court? You can send them solidarity through the mail! Cards and letters are especially important to them now, as both the holidays and their trial are approaching, yet they remain locked up in one of the worst jails in the country. Their addresses are:

Brent Betterly
PO Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

Brian Jacob Church
PO Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

Jared Chase
PO Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

They also desperately need funds for their legal defense and trial prep. From suits for trial to investigative costs to expert witness fees, the expenses are mounting and are more crucial now than ever. Help us raise the remaining $10,000 we need to help them have the strongest defense possible!

To donate, go to If you would like to make a larger tax deductible donation, 8th Day Center for Justice has graciously offered to accept tax-deductible donations for us. To make your tax-deductible donation, please send checks or money orders to:

8th Day Center for Justice
205 W. Monroe St. Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60606

Make sure to write “8th Day Center/NATO 5 Defense Fund” in the memo line!

We’re working on detailed notes from the recent hearings, as the judge has issued many important rulings on how the trial will progress, and will send those out when they are finished. Notably, he has allowed the prosecution to call the defendants “anarchists” and “terrorists” when they present their case to the jury…as long as they do not “name call” the defendants. As the defense attorneys made abundantly clear, the prosecutors will inevitably be using these terms to smear the defendants and instill fear in the jury to help them secure convictions. He has also quashed (i.e., canceled) some of the defense’s subpoenas for documents and witnesses (such as the subpoena for the mayor of Chicago), although he has upheld others and given the defense some more means of bringing the truth of this case to light in open court.

The defense attorneys have continued to fight hard against the state’s constant attempts at preventing them from bringing in any evidence of the police and prosecutors working hand-in-hand with other security agencies (e.g., the FBI, the Secret Service) in the lead up to and during the NATO summit in 2012—including to manufacture this alleged conspiracy and to charge the NATO 3 to send us all the message that dissent will not be tolerated. We, of course, know all too well that the state will not hesitate to send some of us to prison for decades to make an example of them and scare the rest of us.

We also know that we will not let them be successful in this effort. Let’s show the defendants how serious we are about ensuring the state fails in their attempt to demonize, criminalize, and incarcerate them! Stand in solidarity with them now, in all the ways you can. Come to court! Send them letters! Donate to their defense fund!