Court Schedule and Decorum Order for NATO 3 Trial

The NATO 3 are scheduled to go to trial on January 6, 2014. We need to raise an additional $12k for their legal costs and commissary needs. Please donate today!

Cook County Criminal Court House

If you are planning to attend trial hearings in solidarity with the NATO 3, please be aware that Judge Thaddeus L. Wilson has issued a decorum order which will be strictly enforced. The full decorum order can be found here, but the two sections which are most relevant are as follows:

  • All persons in the courtroom must remain silent during all proceedings. There will be no talking, noise making, standing, kneeling, waving, hand raising or other conduct of solidarity, camaraderie, protest, approval or disapproval in the courtroom or in the hallway outside the courtroom.
  • There are no warnings. This Order is not exhaustive of all conduct not allowed in the courtroom. Anyone who is unclear as to whether their conduct would be a violation of this Order should exercise all caution and leave the courtroom.

Be advised that any disruption will be charged and prosecuted as contempt of court and you will face up to 6 months in Cook County Jail as well as a fine of up to $500. Please keep this information in mind as you make decisions about conduct in court and tactics for showing solidarity with the defendants.

Court Schedule for NATO 3 Trial

Trial will be open to the public and held at the Leighton Criminal Court Building located at 2650 South California Avenue in Chicago. The courtroom number is still TBA.

January 6: Jury selection begins – Due to the size of the courtroom, it is recommended that the public not try to attend jury selection. All seats will be filled by potential jurors.

January 13: Opening statements – The trial itself will take place in a much larger courtroom than jury selection. We encourage all to attend.

Trial will likely last 1 to 3 weeks.

Hearings are expected to begin by 11am each day, break for an hour at 1 or 1:30pm, and end by 6pm. Seating may be limited, so please arrive early. The general public is not allowed to have cell phones, cameras, or laptops inside the courthouse. Click here for a full list of items not permitted in court.

For those unable to attend the hearings or who do not wish to enter the courthouse, there will be supporters gathered outside with signs and banners to show solidarity. Feel free to stop by throughout the day send the message that the defendants are supported by their community and should be freed at once.

Donate to the NATO 5 Defense Fund HERE.