Supporters Can Now Register to Attend Court the Same Day

We got word that the registration process for attending the NATO 3 trial has been changed so that people can now register the same day they want to attend the trial. Each person will still need to show their state-issued ID and submit to the background check for open warrants and orders of protection against anyone involved in the court process, but they can do this when they arrive at court and then wait to enter the courtroom at the next break in the proceedings after they are cleared. People with open warrants will still be arrested on site.

We believe that this registration will happen outside of Courtroom 606 and that people can register at any time of the day. Court today will begin at 10:30am, so everyone who has already registered will need to be seated by 10:15am. Those who did not register yesterday can now come to register this morning and join us in packing the courtroom later on today!