Cook County Criminal Courthouse, 10 AM, Courtroom TBA (Post-trial motions will be heard in the morning, and actual sentencing will likely be in the afternoon)

In January, The NATO 3 were convicted by a jury on mob action (Class C misdemeanor) and possession of incendiary devices with intent to commit arson, possession of an incendiary device with the knowledge that another was going to commit arson (2 felonies), but were acquitted on all terrorism related charges. While the acquittals are an enormous victory, the convictions carry up to a 30 year sentence. Given that the CPD undercovers clearly pushed, goaded and entrapped some defendants to fulfill the police’s plan to get them to make molotovs, and undercover Uygun (“Mo”) was involved in making them, supplied money for materials, was in possession of the devices in his backpack, and planted them in the bathroom just before the raid, these convictions are absurd.

Please come out to support the NATO 3 while they are sentenced on Friday, April 25!

State Attorney Anita Alvarez has attempted to steam roll the judge via a press conference defending her over charging this case with rarely used Illinois state terrorism statutes, which has received enormous public scrutiny from even mainstream sectors and the press. To redeem herself from this mass amount of public scrutiny, she is calling for long sentences for the NATO 3 on these charges.

Come stand with the NATO 3 and let them know we STILL have their backs. Your presence made an impact during trial, and is needed now during the sentencing process. We are watching. We are demanding justice for the NATO 3. Free them NOW!

Courtroom: TBA

Post trial motions will be heard by the judge in the morning, and actual sentencing will likely be in the afternoon.

Please consider showing solidarity with a donation to the NATO 3 Legal Defense and Commissary Fund. Appeals costs and possibly commissary needs will be ongoing:

Also, 8th Day Center for Justice has graciously offered to accept tax-deductible donations for us. To make your tax-deductible donation, please send checks or money orders to:

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Make sure to write “8th Day Center/NATO 3 Defense Fund” in the memo line!