New Support Zine Released! Sentencing on Friday!

The NATO 3 will be sentenced this Friday, April 25. Please join us in court for this next step in their ordeal if you are in or around Chicago. No matter where you are, you can refresh your memory of what they endured during their grueling trial by reading the zine we are proud to release today:

“Let’s Make These [Molotovs] So I Can Go Bomb a F—- Bank”: The Failed Terrorism Case Against the NATO 3

You can read it in color for online or print the color for print version. Help us get this out there!

The zine collects all our announcement from their trial, from jury selection through the verdict, to provide an anatomy of the state’s failed attempt to convict our comrades as terrorists. The title of the zine comes from one of the undercover cops who entrapped Brent, Jacob, and Jay. Throughout the case, the undercovers pushed the defendants to talk about and ultimately to create Molotovs. “Mo,” the one who uttered this phrase, was the first to bring up Molotovs in the case at all and on May 16, 2012–the day the defendants were arrested.

After the NATO 3 are sentenced, we will update this zine and create a black & white version for printing so it can me more easily printed and shared with others–particularly our comrades behind bars.