Pre-trial Court date for Jay Chase- February 3rd

When: February 3, 2016, 9am
Where:Cook County Criminal Courthouse, 2650 S California Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60623
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Jared “Jay” Chase has a pre-trial hearing coming up soon. He is being targeted by the same prosecutor (Anita Alvarez) he faced during the Nato 3 trial for alleged assault charges pinned on him by guards while he awaited trial for two years back in 2012-2014. These same guards were allowed to testify against him during the Nato 3 sentencing in a somewhat successful attempt to bring a harsher sentence and now they will likely testify against him in this case.

As some of you may know Jay was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease while in captivity in Cook County Jail and the ongoing brutalization and isolation he has faced has contributed to a noticeable and alarming deterioration in his health. In fact, at his last court date, Jay came to court with noticeable bruises and a black eye. When the Judge asked him what happened, he said he ‘had a bad week’.

This trial is not just about a few extra years being tacked on to his current sentence which is coming to an end in May. The State has made it very clear through this obviously vindictive prosecution that they want to ensure Jay lives out his days in their cage.  Please be there and show the State that we stand with Jay and let Jay know that we have not forgotten him or his struggle. He needs our love and support as he stands in defiance of this ongoing persecution.

Jay will be in attendance at this court date and could use some friendly faces in court.