Report back from court hearing 2.18.2016

Today at Jared (Jay) Chase’s status hearing his public defender attempted to get Judge Wilson to issue a court order regarding how Jay is shackled during transport because the way they are currently shackling him is dangerous due to involuntary shaking and movements due to his Huntington’s disease. Judge Wilson would not do so, and insisted this is the jurisdiction of the IDOC and would need to be addressed with them, and he would only issue orders regarding shackling within his courtroom. He mentioned that issues regarding IDOC shackling could also be addressed via a federal lawsuit.

Jay has one more pretrial hearing on March 23rd at 9 am in Room 303 at 26th & California. He will go to trial in the same courtroom on April 11th.

Jay looks very thin and gaunt, and his health is visibly not well. Thank you to everyone who came out to support him and show solidarity.

Please help pack the courtroom on March 23rd. While prisoner supporters have employed the tactic often to stand up when the defendant’s name is called in various cases, Judge Thadeus Wilson issued an injunction in the NATO 3 case preventing supporters from doing so, and does not respond kindly to this. So please remain seated when Jay’s name is called, as protest tactics or standing up only backfires on Jay.

See you in court March 23rd and please write or send softbound books to Jay in the meantime to show him your support.
Invite people to the 3.23 court date using the facebook event.

Drop the charges! Free Jay Now!

Write Jay!

Jared Chase M44710
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764