Court Documents

Below are some of the court documents that have been filed in the NATO 3 case. Our court notes on select hearings can be found on our Court Notes page.

NATO 3 (Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, Brian Jacob Church)

05.22.12: NATO 3 Proffer

06.13.12: NATO 3 Indictments

06.13.12: NATO 3 Indictment Return Sheet

07.16.12: Judge Wilson Courtroom Decorum Order

01.02.13: NATO 3 Pre-trial Schedule Order

01.25.13: Joint Motion to Dismiss Terrorism Charges as Unconstitutional

01.25.13: Memorandum in Support of Joint Motion

02.25.13: Defense Reply to State’s Response to Constitutionality Challenge

03.22.13: Defense Surreply to State’s Surresponse to Constitutionality Challenge

03.27.13: Judge’s Order on Constitutionality Challenge

06.11.13: Betterly’s Motion to Dismiss Indictment for Violation of His Right to Due Proecess


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