NATO 3 Trial, Day 3

Undercover Chikko Cross-examined, Admonished to Review Recordings and Answer Questions

The third day of trial consisted of more testimony from Officer Nadia Chikko (aka “Gloves”). We picked up where yesterday’s testimony left off, listening to nearly all of the 55 audio recordings from May of 2012, with only a handful that were left unpublished for her partner, Mehmet Uygun (aka “Mo” or “Turk”), to testify to.

As with yesterday, the recordings for today continued to show that she and Mo were the leaders of the operation, and pushed the NATO 3 into plans to commit illegal acts. At one point, she even said she tried to build a mortar herself. Later in the recordings, the undercovers suggest the idea of making Molotovs multiple times and direct defendants Church and Chase to get the materials, even offering to pay for the gasoline.

After the hour-long recess for lunch, the defense came back with cross-examination. Michael Deutsch of the People’s Law Office began with cross-examination for Brian “Jacob” Church. “Gloves” had to be instructed multiple times to answer Deutsch’s questions directly as most were yes or no questions, instead of answering how she wanted to answer. She was asked simple questions, such as whether or not “Mo” was the first to bring up Molotovs on the 16th of May, and she would answer about how she wasn’t sure and would have to review all of the tapes from that day.

Deutsch then began questioning her on her undercover activities prior to May of 2012. Mo and Gloves went to places such as the Heartland Cafe and Permanent Records to look for anarchists, and when they didn’t find any they took down the license plates of all those that attended the events.

Deutsch even remarked that for the prosecutor Gloves seemed to have a very good memory, but when he asked her questions she could not recall most of the answers and said she would have to re-listen to all of the tapes.