Status Hearing April 16

Today the state filed its third supplemental response to discovery featuring more police and civilian names listed as potential witnesses.

The defense also received a 30-page response to discovery as well as about 100 more pages of raw discovery. Due to this outpouring of material, a third case management order was postponed from the 25th to the 30th.

The defense also received this morning an order for handwriting samples from all three defendants. Although the defense objected due to the lack of notice, the judge upheld the order. The samples are apparently in reference to “handwritten instructions for producing a pipe bomb and another set of handwritten instructions for making potassium nitrate, which was one component listed in the instructions for making a pipe bomb.” (quoted in the state’s response to defendants’ objections to the state’s Bill of Particulars filed on March 15th).

The defense also discussed how they were prevented from inspecting certain sealed boxes of evidence. The state countered that these boxes contained explosive materials and that it was a safety issue for the defense to observe the evidence. It was determined that there would be an agreed-upon inspection date in a safe environment so the defense could see the evidence and so the defense’s expert witness could also inspect the materials.

Finally, there was one point not responded to in the state’s second amended Bill of Particulars. The defense had apparently requested information on “the statements and names of un-indicted co-conspirators” held by the state.