Status Hearing October 1

In a brief hearing this afternoon, the defense confirmed for the judge that they had submitted their responses to the State’s long-form answer for discovery. The State also acknowledged receipt of those answers.

The judge then reviewed the pre-trial conference schedule. In addition to the deadline for filing motions in limine on October 29 and the deadline for responses to these motions on November 12, there will be a status hearing and oral arguments on these motions on Tuesday, November 19th at 2pm. (Motions in limine concern issues such as which pieces of evidence can be presented at trial.) The final pre-trial conference is still scheduled for December 10th and the trial is still scheduled to commence on January 6, 2014.

Additionally, both the prosecution and defense will exchange trial briefs by November 26th and share courtesy copies with the court, but these will not be officially filed with the court. (These trial briefs will include things such as proposed jury questionnaires.)