Status Hearing September 3

During this brief status hearing, the judge went over a few pre-trial logistical matters. First, he mentioned that the defense and prosecution had completed the sentencing evaluations for each count facing the defendants so there could be clear agreement on the specific charges, their sentencing ranges, lesser-included offenses (if any), and other details. The judge received confirmation that both sides had shared their worksheets with each other. Specifically, the judge talked about there being agreement that Count 1 has a sentencing range of 9 to 40 years with 3 years of mandatory supervised release after parole, with 50% of the time being served typically.

The prosecution also stated that they had filed their Fifth Supplemental Answer to discovery and the defense asked for an October 1st response deadline. The next court date was also set for Tuesday, October 1st at 2pm.

After the hearing, the prosecution took photos of the defendants’ tattoos, as had been agreed upon at the previous hearing.