NATO 3 Trial, Day 2

Undercover Cop “Gloves” Continues Testimony, More Tomorrow

Nadia Chikko, aka “Gloves,” spent the day on the stand giving testimony about a litany of audio recordings from the wires that she and the other undercover cop involved in this case, Mohmet (“Mo” or “Turk”) Nguyen, wore while infiltrating the Chicago activist community and targeting these defendant. The state has introduced 55 audio recordings into evidence. Chikko’s testimony went through more than 30 of the recordings today, with the remaining expected to be covered tomorrow.

Her testimony and the audio recordings clearly show the ways the undercovers consistently pushed the defendants to turn their rambling conversations into plans to commit illegal acts. They also consistently talked big about themselves to make themselves sound experienced, militant and “down.” While doing so, they pushed the defendants for information about other people, planned protests and other events. They also invited themselves over to hang out with the defendants in the apartment they were staying at, offering to bring beer with them. Some of the recordings included conversations from inside the apartment that was later raided. In one of these, Mo helped take photos of activists wearing masks and holding legally owned items such as novelty knives and a compound bow.

The testimony so far will likely sound eerily familiar to people who are familiar with police infiltration of activist communities and movements for social justice. Even based on her narrative of the case so far, it’s clear that the defense was right when arguing in opening statements that the Illinois terrorism statutes are charges looking for defendants.

After Chikko’s testimony is complete, defense attorneys for each of the defendants will have their chance to cross-examine her and punch holes into her narrative.

Court will resume tomorrow morning at 10:30am, so all members of the public need to be seated by 10:15am. We urge everyone to arrive early, as the courthouse tends to be busy in the morning and everyone must pass through two security screenings to enter Courtroom 606. You can now register to attend trial the same day you wish to attend, so please join us tomorrow and help us pack the courtroom for the NATO 3!

Not able to attend court? You can still support the NATO 3 by organizing a trial solidarity event for them, writing them letters and donating to their legal fund!